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Singing is from within the heart. Singing is to revive the soul. The sur and taal can be learned but the voice is your own. Bring out the superpowers of your voice to create magic on the stage.


1. This event comprises of 2 rounds
2. Maximum 1 vocalists allowed (+1 instrumentalist)
3. Judging is purely based on the singing.
4. For eliminations, one song has to be performed either in Hindi,
Marathi or English.
5. You will have to perform two songs for the Finals either in Hindi,
Marathi or English. Original Compositions are also allowed.
6. You can get an accompanist who can either be a guitarist or a synth
player (Not Compulsory). You can also get a karaoke track (Not
compulsory). You will be provided with an acoustic guitar and a synth.
7. The song you performed in the first round can be performed again in
the second round.
8. Registration fees: Rs. 100/person
9. Team size : 1
10. Time duration :4 min(+1 min preparation time)

Saurabh: +91 8888878848
Pooja: +91 8983943411


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