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High Current

The prefect symphony of the drums, guitars, keyboards, along with the melodious voices gives rise to hair raising performances. Make the crowd give in to your music as you create an energy unparalleled.


1. This event consists of only one round
2. At least one song has to be performed and at least 3 instruments have to be used
3. Band members, who have graduated from the same college are allowed (below the age of 25 years)
4. Different guitars will count as different instruments
5. The songs performed can be covers or Original Compositions in either English, Hindi or Marathi or all three
6. You will be provided with a basic drum kit, mics and line-in jacks for guitars but you are welcome to bring your own amps and drum pieces (cymbals, etc.)
7. Vocals with lyrics are mandatory
8. Registration fees: Rs. 600 per team
9. No. of participants per team : 4-10
10.Time duration : 15 min (+3 min preparation time)

Asher: +91 9049036074
Swapnil: +91 9890388214


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