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Street Forward

Hip-Hop is a way of life and the underground crews define it. Bring in your crew, impress the crowd with your moves and rule the streets.


1. This event comprises of a single round.
2. Dance Style: Street Forms of Dance.
3. Props can be used if required, based on the discretion of the
4. Any type of song or music is allowed and the tracks are to be
submitted 5 days before the event.
5. List of props is to be submitted 5 days before the event or else
the prop shall not be allowed.
6. Registration fees: Rs 800 per team
7. No. of participants per team: 6-14
8. Time duration: 8-10 min (+1 min preparation time)

Adnan: +91 7218466408
Akanksha: +91 9769474760


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