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So Du Et

A dancer either follows a trend or sets one! Dance is the very part of your soul and it's the only way of expressing your feelings. Astound everyone with your bewitching choreography and let your feet leave an impression.


1. This event consists of two sub modules i.e Solo and Duet,
judged separately, conducted in the same time slot.
2. Both modules will have just one round.
3. Any dance style and song is allowed. Tracks are to be
submitted 5 days before the event.
4. Props can be used if required, but to allow it is on the
discretion of the organizers.
5. List of props is to be submitted 5 days before the event or else
the prop shall not be allowed.
6. Registration fees: Duet - Rs. 200; Solo - Rs. 100.
7. Team size : Solo- 1
8. Time duration : 4-6 min(+1 min preparation time)

Nipun: +91 8554054445
Mitali: +91 8975871096


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