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Wrap in Scrap

Twigs, cardboard, newspaper, and whatever your imagination permits you, use all of it to bring out the best of fashion design from inside you. You've all freedom to design the outfit you dream about all day and not just that you could also make complementing accessories.


1. This event consists of one round .
2. Following materials can be used :
i. Paper , cardboard ,news papers , magazines , gift warpping paper,
any kind of used or waste paper.
ii. Plastics , paper cups, old clothes, balloons, beads, sponge, nets etc.
Colors, crayons, brushes, pencils, erasers, cello tapes, etc
3. Some of the above mentioned materials will be provided to the
participants but the participants are expected to get their own
material as well.
4. Registration fees : Rs. 100 per head
i.Please do not use materials which are hazardous to health.
ii.You may also make accessories to complement your dress.
5. Team size : Max 2 per Team
6. Time duration : 3 hrs. to design dress.
7. After designing, there will be a ramp for designed costumes.

Sparshita: +91 7738327298


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