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Tee two one Sold!

As much as you love graphic tees, have you ever wondered what you'd like to write on one of them? Design a T- shirt, hand paint it and let the T- shirt speak for itself. Give voice to you creativity.


1. Participants will be provided with a T-shirt and necessary
material (colours, brushes, decorative articles) with which they will
have to paint their own design.
2. Participants are not allowed to copy from any kind of
objectionable source (mobiles, laptops, photographs etc.) or use
their own material during the course of the competition.
However they are allowed to come prepared with an idea from
any source beforehand.
3. 3 best designs will be rewarded with gift hampers and the
participants will get a chance to auction their designs.
4. Participants have to report 1 hour before the competition.
5. Registration fees: Rs. 100 per person
6. Team size : Solo event

Samruddhi: +91 7066463912
Aanchal: +91 8806054789


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