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Strokes in Blinks

Art is so varied that every artist has his own style. Now mix this with the speed with which you can bring out the best of your art. Strokes in blinks is here to help you portray your best in the least amount of time.


1. This event consists of two rounds.
2. All the necessary materials will be provided (A2 Sheets, Brushes,
colours, sponge, etc).
3. Colours will be provided by volunteers as required and not individually.
4.The final round will be based on a theme.
5. For the final round every participant will be provided with an
individual set of material.
6. Participants are not allowed to use personal materials or copy
from any kind of objectionable source (mobiles, laptops,
photographs etc.) during the competition. However they are
allowed to come prepared with an idea from any source
7. Registration fees: Rs 100 per person
8. Time duration : 1 hour 30 minutes (FOR BOTH THE ROUNDS)

Shivani: +91 9011033553
Prasad: +91 9403507330


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