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Free Lenser

A Photographer is a magician who can see what others can't. Capture and freeze time with your spells and let the magic fill the air.


1. This event consists of one round.
2. Open for all.
3. Every participant is allowed to use only one photo or video for
being judged.
4. Photos or videos must be uploaded on the official page of
IMPRESSIONS with #impressions and #freelenser.
5. Photos or videos must be captured within the college campus
during three days of event.
6. Time: From 9th December 9:00 am to 11th December
12:00 pm.
7. The video must end with the IMPRESSIONS logo.
8. The best photo or video will be rewarded.
10. View= 1 point, Like = 1 point, Share = 3 points.
11. Top 10 photos or Top 10 Videos with maximum points will be
qualified for judging by jury.
12. The jury will choose the best photo and the results shall be announced
on the same day.
13.Registration fees : 50 per head

Nupura: +91 9503500498


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