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Box Office

Storyboards, cameras, dialogues and acting bring all of these together and they make a beautiful motion picture. An idea can change the way society thinks, make people ponder over minimalistic things and make them wonder. Make your movie capture people's minds with its rapture.

Dattaprasad: +91 8421190875


1. This event consists of one round
2. Trailer of the film (Time limit: 3 min) should be submitted 3 days before the competition
3. Director of film, Script writer, Videographer and Editor should be college students. Actors and other crew members may not necessarily be college students.
4. The complete film has to be submitted a day before the competition in a CD or a Pendrive
5. All the participants should be present during the screening of the film
6. Registration fees: Rs. 200 per team
7. Time duration of film : 20 minutes maximum


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