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Suno Suno

Street play is not just an act or a play but a way of bringing about a revolution, to inspire and educate. Use your acting skills to bring forth the “unconventional” and “taboos” of the society to make them heard and understood


1. This event consists of one round.
2. Props can be used if required. Prop list to be submitted 5 days before the competition.
3. The act has to be performed on a circular (8 meter in diameter)
stage with audience on all the sides.
4. Marks will be deducted if the stage isn't cleared appropriately.
5. Registration fees: Rs 600 per team
6. No. of participants per team : 8 – 20
7. Time duration : 15 min (including clearance time)

Payal: +91 7507613036
Manoj: +91 8308406388


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