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"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances” Let the truth be revealed as you take center stage to make your voices heard by the audience. Make expressions and emotions pour, as your cast and crew bring the imaginary to life.


1. This event consists of single round.
2. Participating team will be randomly pick 2 topics on draw basis from which they need to perform any one.
3. Any type of change in topics will not be entertained.
4. Participating team will be given 30 minutes time to prepare their skit.
5. Language of the play should be Hindi, Marathi or English.
6. Participating team will be provided with 2 tables, 4 chairs and a level.
7. Individual properties are allowed based on discretion of organisers.
8. Basic lights system (general light, left and right spot) and basic music system will be provided.
9. Every member should appear atleast once on the stage.
10. Registration fees: Rs 300/Team
11. No. of participants per team: 2-8 (+ 1 lights and 1 sound if required).
12. Time duration : 10-12 min ( +2 min stage setup time)

Sakshi: +91 7875485573
Akash: +91 9762148419


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